2017 Roundup


2017 | An Annual review

20 LEED Certified Buildings in 2017

In 2017, The Green Engineer provided sustainable design consulting on 20 different buildings that achieved LEED Certification in the US. 




2017 | LEED in Massachusetts

15 LEED certified projects in MA

The Green Engineer provided sustainable design consulting services on 15 of the buildings that achieved LEED certification in the Bay State in 2017.

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2017 | B Corporation


1 of 180 firms named Best for the Environment in 2017

The Green Engineer scored 44 in the Environment category of the B Corp Impact Assessment for 2017.

Just one notch below Patagonia


2017 | LEED by rating

1 Platinum, 13 Gold, 6 Silver LEED Projects in 2017


A total of 2,844,748 SF of LEED certified construction in 2017.




2017 | LEED energy use savings

170,776  MMBTU/yr saved


 That's enough to power 2,500 homes

The combined total energy  savings from the 20 LEED Certified projects in 2017. Average Energy Use Savings: 33%



17,437,000 gallons/year saved

The combined total water use savings from our 20 LEED Certified Projects in 2017. Average Water Use Reduction: 37%


That's 2.5 times the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Or the size of the Epcot Center.


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2017 | LEED Recycling Rate

38,659 tons of waste diverted


87% recyling rate average

From our 20 LEED Certified projects in 2017.


That's like 4/5ths of the Titanic



2017 | leed Carbon emissions avoided

6400 metric tons of carbon dioxide avoided

4,484 metric tons from electricity savings, and 1,921 metric tons from natural gas savings in the 20 LEED certified projects in 2017.

That's the emissions from 1370 cars driven for a year.


2017 | LEED Cost Savings

$1,712,441 in cost savings/year.

The combined total cost savings from our 20 LEED Certified projects in 2017. Average Energy Cost Savings: 33%




2017 | utility incentives energy Modeling savings

$755,910 in utility incentives

The combined total utility incentives (regardless of utility) for the projects the firm completed utility incentives modeling for in 2017.

Total Predicted Annual kwh Savings: 1,945,384

Total Predicted Annual Therm Savings: 154,709





2017 | Charitable Giving

We sponsored 24 different nonprofits in 2017

And will continue to do so in 2018.